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Useful signs to reinforce good behaviour on-the-spot when needed. The style of graphics used is appropriate for learners of all ages.
37 key-word flashcards designed for easy reference for all who use the signs from British Sign Language (BSL & SSE) to support communication in the field of deafness, special educational needs (SEN) and for all who may have additional speech and language needs.


Basic Handshape Key and the Right and Left-Handed Fingerspelling Alphabets. Signs for: behave, calm, manners, careful, concentrate, pay attention, excuse me, feet on floor, finish, stop, get up, stand up, gentle, good, good drinking, good eating, good listening, good looking, good sitting, good walking, good wee wees, good work, hands down, help, high five, kind, kind hearted, kind hands, gentle, leave me alone, my turn, me next, no, don’t, please, thank you, share, wait, be patient, well done, yes.

The contents have been chosen with help from Dr Wendy Uttley of the Down Syndrome Support Group, Bradford. Contains sign vocabulary to enable constructions in both Sign Supported English (SSE) and British Sign Language (BSL). Includes regional variations.

If you would like other signs included, please let us know, we plan further such resources and welcome your views.


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